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Hi! I’m Kathleen.

I’m a board certified Health and Nutrition Coach/Certified Yoga Teacher turned Wall Street Executive Assistant.

For a long time I preached and preached about making time for more wellness in your life, no matter how busy and stressful life was. It wasn’t until I found myself in my old client’s shoes that I realized just how hard that actually was.

I found myself with 10 extra pounds on my bones, stressed to the point of skin conditions, experiencing aches and pains that I shouldn’t be experiencing at 28 years old! All the while, I was trying everything under the sun to bring myself back to balance.

What I’ve learned is that wellness, happiness and balance is not one-size-fits-all.

It’s not even a one-size-fits-most.

It is completely unique and tailor-made to YOU.

Instead of quitting my job, I made it my mission to live the best life I can lead. And for me that means loads of self-care, making sure I’m getting enough rest, having enough fun, eating the right foods and doing what makes me happy.

In this blog I share all different ways to create balance into your life, no matter how crazy/busy/stressed you are!

I will also be sharing my travels, events and personal style information – because what’s life without a little flair and adventure?

I hope you enjoy!




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